What is the Submission Process?

Written by iBoss Entertainment
Updated 1 year ago
  • Submission is as easy as 1..2..3!
    1. Ensure you meet submission guidelines
    2. Select a submission option.
    3. Fill out the submission form
    4. That's it!
    5. Oh more thing.. if you don't mind.. please share the iBossTV iSRP Program with your fellow filmmakers & creators! We appreciate you supporting the independent creative community on iBossTV!


  • What To Expect After Your Submission?
    • REVIEW - Each title submitted to iBossTV goes through a review process to ensure the safety of the community. Also due to high volume of submissions, we may not reply to everyone and may only respond to the creators that are accepted. 
  • What happens upon acceptance?
    • Once your submission is reviewed, if accepted, we will reach out for further info about you and your title(s) to ensure it is properly represented on iBossTV.


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