Why subscribe to iBossTV?

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Updated 11 months ago

Experience & Enjoy Unique Content!  Experience films and content meticulously curated from the farthest corners of the globe, crafted to delight, challenge, and inspire.

Support Creative Independence: Subscribing to iBossTV's VIP PASS is a way to support independent filmmakers and creators. By subscribing, viewers are contributing to the continued growth of the independent filmmakers and creators and helping to ensure that independent filmmakers have a platform to showcase their work and brilliance.  

Support Our Youth & Communities: iBoss Entertainment is also proud to say that embedded in the vision of the company is building and supporting the youth in our communities through outreach.  By Subscribing you are helping iBoss Entertainment support local community programs and opportunities to foster young creatives!

Support Independent Innovation: The world of independent films and creators are continually growing but so are the challenges. iBoss Entertainment is continually innovating, boldly exploring and developing new avenues for independent filmmakers and creators to thrive.Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos and live events.

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